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About us




We are a French team of young passionate cyclists working in the field for some years. The project began in 2013 and completely materialised two years later.

Our core business has quickly oriented around the design and vintage, later in the Fixie, Single speed and urban bikes. We have in mind to offer the best products to our customers to their satisfaction.

Our sensitivity to environmental protection combined with our passion for cycling has naturally led us to a different economic approach, we work with European partners to prevent the importation of products from other continents and thus reduce the impact of CO2.

Our environmental policy is also taking shape in the recycling of packaging. In fact, the cardboard boxes used by our suppliers will find a second life and will bu used for final sale. The status of the boxes will be properly controlled so as not to jeopardise the products during transport.[/col2]

Our history: 

April 2015: We started the project in Spain / Madrid. To grow our business under the Spanish sun was for us a source of positive energy.

May 2016: Opening of the second warehouse in Barcelone. The sea, La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Picasso… Algo mas ?

February 2019: Once our shop well implanted and structured, we decided to transfer our complet warehouse in our lovely country, France. We are actually based in the east side of France at Montbéliard, where the Peugeot Bikes borned…

June 2021: (In progress) Proudly opening of a new Bike shop at Montbéliard / France 🙂